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The realistic wood tile patterns add unbelievable character into the interior and exterior. As people know that the hardwood is fantabulous in home design, therefore, the need of the realistic wood is facing questions. The hardwood tiles include extra value to the houses and owners can get more importance with the wooden decoration. Yet, there are some considerable instances that define some flaws of wood tiles. Owners may face few problems in maintenance, using and application. Now, the flawless wooden bricks are in the market. Modern realistic wooden tiles are out of the crisis. Realistic wooden bricks increase the resale value, appearance, and function of the interior and exterior.
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Stacked stone proofs your sense and taste. Experts are using stacked stone models for the landscape projects to increase the value. It's an excellent element for creating a curb look into the exterior. The stone is easy to install and with a proper sealing, the house exteriors would acquire a perfect result.
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Slate tiles, the rustic and the fabulous!

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By rustic, the moderns refer to the craving for Mother Nature, through smart furnishings. No longer do people display trophies like deer heads or stuffed quail to decorate the homes! A modern rustic ambiance can very well install a great variety of slate tiles. Out amidst the jungle or downtown, it is quite the same. Natural color patterns with open spaces and high ceilings! Wood and stone, along with a wood-burning stove? A simple décor with plants and fountains and steel appliances?
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Besides cabinets and countertops, stylish kitchens contain lots more. Floors communicate creative designs and the eternally lasting porcelain has increased demand, like always. Hardwood floors need far more care and are less durable than porcelain. Cute backsplashes say so much for the owners and deserve a lot of attention. Backsplashes could be graphically designed to reflect the colors and patterns on the floor and cabinets. A hospitable and trendy surrounding is what everybody would wish for.
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Kitchens and bathrooms do need the functional backsplashes but kitchens lie closer to the heart. Besides the stove and the chimney, the sink and the island, basketweave tiles would decorate backsplashes abundantly well. Basketweaves contain lots of designs and shades, arched or textured. Though the basketweave pattern is classic, it influences every style, fitting into the traditional and modern. Astounding marble basketweaves, five of them, are coming your way.
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Like the interior, you will surely be interested in making the exterior of your house well maintained and attractive. The garden, the pathways, etc are the areas where you need to pay the necessary attention regarding proper maintenance of these places. But most of the time the homeowners become confused regarding selecting the best tiles or stones to give the outdoor a nice look. Here the homeowners can surely go for natural stones which can definitely make the outdoor place more elegant and eye soothing. These stacked natural stones are available in various colors and designs so that the outdoors of your house can become more developed and well designed. Here we can discuss some natural panels which have become quite popular in recent days.
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Whether you are planning to décor your bathroom or remodel that in a new style, then you must seek Ceramic tiles. Many experts are prescribing this tile nowadays. If you want to operate the reason of why ceramic tile became one of the most beloved ones in recent times, then you must go to the depth. Apart from its basic beauty and low rates, there are many benefits of these slabs. The homeowners are choosing the pattern to set-up a smart bathroom.
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What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear “the bold and the beautiful”? No, it’s not soap operas nor it is just a good feminine quotation, but we are talking about interior design! When we add a natural stone in the kitchen, it is an excellent way to add color and texture to the kitchen, bathroom or even living room for that matter. But we soon get bored with monotonous colors of the same dull colors of the stones. Let us talk about granite and granite colors, and you will see your designs to a new high.
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While you are deciding to carry on flooring within the bathrooms, then it will surely be a nice idea for selecting the option of porcelain tiles. Bathroom designs can be done in both in traditional as well as in contemporary style. The specialty of this tile is that it can imitate marble, wood or leather and even brick too. You can also get animal prints within this style. Well, here we can take a look at various styles of porcelain for which this tile has become extremely famous among the homeowners.
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The bathroom is the place where we get refreshed after a hectic day and hence this place should be decorated in a lavish way. To do the decoration, ceramic tiles are known to be the best option to give every bathroom a unique appearance. This type of tile is available within budget, but it has never lost its sophistication and style. This tile is able to give every luxury appearance to the bathroom. The best thing about these tiles is the low cost of maintenance and stain resistance. These are also easy to install. Here we can take look at the most favorite ceramic tiles.
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