Under certain conditions, glass proves to be stronger than steel and many other materials. There is a variety of glass – metallic glass – that is always stronger than any metallic tile.

Solid glass tile manufacturers follow new-age processes that increase the strength of their product. At a minimum, solid glass tiles are 5 times stronger than ordinary glass tiles.

These tiles make a solid choice for walls and floors. In recent, acceptance and popularity of solid glass tiles has risen to a new high. Thanks to the bountiful benefits the material offers!

This blog enlists some of the most solid benefits of solid glass tiles in the following –

Rock Solid –

A piece of glass can break or chip very easily. However, it is rare for a solid glass tiles to break just by walking over it. There is no denying that these tiles will break if they fall down from a height. But that is also true, why would you let your tiles fall down this way?

Durable –

Solid glass tiles are 100% waterproof and moisture proof. That means, these common household problems cannot damage these tiles. Additionally, being rock-solid, these tiles perform their duty for years.

Translucence –

If you are looking to get your home a bright, shiny, glossy look in your home interior, solid glass tiles make an ideal choice. These tiles have a natural gloss finish and translucency that no other material can withstand.

In addition to these, solid glass tiles are easy and low on maintenance. You do not have to spare a hefty amount every year on their upkeep.

There you have it. These are some of the greatest benefits of installing solid glass tiles in your home.

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