What is Crystallized Glass?

Crystallized glass or crystal glass is that variety of glass that has no calcium. In place of calcium, there is lead in the composition of crystallized glass. Since its composition is different, you can be sure that the physical characteristics and qualities too will differ.


* Crystallized glass tile is engineered to have a boosted refractive index. The higher the index, shiner the tile is.

* It has a lower rate of viscosity, which, in simpler terms, is better water- and moisture-resistant.

* It is also a heat resistant tile, which makes it an ideal choice for kitchen backsplash and counter.

Crystallized Glass Tile

Tiles made from crystallized glass are crystallized glass tiles. MosaicsAndTile.com offers an array of crystallized glass tiles that promise to add an unmatchable shine and substance to your indoor spaces.

How To Use It?

Here are some of the ways you can use crystallized glass mosaic tiles –

Bathroom Backsplash –

Combine it with dark painted cabinets and mirror frame and white ceramic sink to achieve the desired look.

Tile Used: Urbanka Interlocking Glass & Metal Mosaic

Kitchen Backsplash –

Using it this way will add some light and shine to your kitchen, apart from making the backsplash the center of your kitchen design.

Tile used: Pebble Interlocking 12x12 Glass Mosaic

Table Top –

You can give an old table a cool shiny, 3-dimensional makeover using our crystallized glass mosaic tile.

Tile used: Silver Cube 3D Glass 12x12 Diamond Mosaic

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