Durango is a travertine stone variation, which features classic beige with a swirl of tan and cream. Sourced from Mexico, the stone tile makes a lovely choice for creating a variety of surfaces including floor, wall, counter, and backsplash.

In this blog, we suggest some of the ways you can use MosaicsAndTile.com’s Durango 6 X 12 Honed Stone Tiles. But before that, let’s have a look at why you should use this stone in your home –

Durango Is Durable –

It is a strong and durable natural stone, which is known for its rock-solid nature. If taken a good care of, the stone tile with withstand for decades.

Application –

Because of its durability and versatility, the stone tile can be used in variety of light to heavy residential and commercial projects. Additionally, the tiles are available in different surface finish options, which you can choose as per your application requirement.

Look –

Its beige-cream texture makes it look quite like marble. In fact, in many countries, it is sold as marble. So, if you are looking for marble, but in a smaller budget, you can go for our Durango 6 X 12 Honed Stone Tiles.

Ways To Use –

Bathroom Flooring –

Apart from bathroom flooring, you can use it for walls, shower surround, tub surround, and backsplash.

Living Room Flooring –

This 6 X 12 stone tile can also be a great choice for living room flooring. You can bring in a light and classy effect in your living room using this tile.

Patio Flooring –

These stone tiles make an ideal pick for outdoor and semi-outdoor patio flooring.

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