Mosaic tiles serve two purposes. They enhance the ambiance of your space; they give it an interesting texture that no other tile does. And second, they protect your walls from splashes of water, especially in kitchen and bathroom.

Glass Metal blend mosaic tiles are designed with beautiful glass and metal mosaics, assembled on a mesh. If you are expecting a smooth, shiny, and shiny wall, this is the perfect tile material for you.

Mirror Background in Bathroom –

The tile used in the bathroom above is – Urbanka Interlocking Glass & Metal Mosaic. Available at only $4.88 per sq. ft., the tile features brilliant gray tones making a timeless addition to the bathroom design.

You can use the tile in almost any vertical indoor application, and add some shine and contemporary flair to your space.

Highlight Areas, Corners, and Sections –

Glass metal mosaic tiles can also be used in kitchen as backsplash, wall, and to highlight a certain section, as in the picture above.

Priced at $9.25 per sq. ft., this chemical and frost resistant tile can also be a great choice for outdoor kitchens. The mosaics are assembled in brick patterns to give the classic brick laying an interesting twist.

The tile used in the kitchen above is - Grey Patch 12x12 Block Stack Blend.

Here is another way to highlight the sections on your wall –

The tile used on the wall above is - Keshi Interlocking 12x12 Glass Mosaic, and it is available for $12.91 per square foot.

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