3D tiles are ceramic and porcelain tiles that have three-dimensional patterns printed on them. The prints are such that your wall looks slightly raised from the surface. The prints are all about light and shadow effects. 3D wall tiles are known for creating stunning visual effect in the room they are installed.

These tiles offer combined benefits of high-level designing and ceramic/porcelain material. Some of the biggest benefits are:-

Appeal Enhancement – If you want your indoor area to have a magnificent appeal, this is the tile to go with. 3 dimensional patterns make the onlookers check out your wall more than once. These 3D patterns become the most attractive feature of your room.

Fungi Resistance – Not only are 3D tiles beautiful, they are also able to maintain their pulchritude – thanks to their fungi resistance characteristic! When you choose to install these tiles on your wall, you can be sure that fungi, mold, and mildew development is not really a matter of concern.

Durability – As mentioned above, 3D wall tiles are ceramic/porcelain tiles that have been manufactured to be strong and durable. These tiles last for decades, if you ensure routine maintenance. Additionally, the prints on these tiles, too, are quite durable. They do not wash away over time due to routine cleaning and use.

Apart from these, 3D wall tiles are water, moisture, slip, and fire resistant. That means, these tiles are a perfect choice for your indoor walls.

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