Rainforest is a beautiful variety of marble, featuring stylish greens, dark brown and sometimes, golden variations. Sourced from India, these marble stone tiles are known for their strength, superior finish, unique draw, and durability.

This stone is so different from the commonly known white marble, that people don’t easily believe it is a marble product. If you are looking for a stone tile that is unique and lesser known, you can surely go with our Rainforest Marble Stone and Rainforest Marble Look Tiles. In this blog, we give you 4 cool design inspirations you can consider for your home –

Kitchen Wall –

This Rainforest Marble stone look tile can be a great addition in your kitchen design. You can create backsplash and wall in your kitchen, as shown above, to create a classy wood-like effect.

The tile used is: Rain Forest Taupe 6x24 Porcelain Ledger

Bathroom Wall –

Polished Rainforest Marble stone tiles can be used for bathroom and shower walls, as used in the bathroom above.

The tile used is: Rain Forest 12 X 12 Polished

Living Room Wall –

You can create your living room wall with delicate whites, warm creams, and gentle grays of our Rainforest Marble look tiles.

The tile used is: Rain Forest Natural 6x24 Porcelain Ledger

Decorative Wall Feature –

You can use our Rainforest tiles to give an eye-catching to an existing wall, as above. It will look better on cream, white or light-textured wall. This feature can be created in living room, entryway, bedroom, or any other dull space that feels incomplete and boring.

The tile used is: Rain Forest Brown 12X12 Polished

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