Looking to give your indoor ambiance a quick and charismatic makeover? Need to change the look of an indoor wall? Want to add an interest to a boring wall?

Our peel and stick walls are an answer to all these and related concerns. Easy to use, peel and stick wall tiles allow DIYers to complete the installation quickly. There are ample design possibilities with our remove and apply tiles.

With these no-grout, no-mortar tiles, you can create jaw-dropping wall designs and interior ambiance. Be it kitchen or bathroom backsplash, living room accent wall or an indoor pillar you want to highlight – peel and stick wall tiles make a great option.

In the following, we suggest 5 cool design ideas with our peel and stick wall tiles –

#1. Contrive A Decent Looking Kitchen Cabinet or Counter Wall


Just like in this commercial bar counter, you can give your old modular kitchen a transfixing makeover. The color and pattern of tile can be of your choice or something that matches or heightens your kitchen design.

If you want to highlight your kitchen counter or cabinet, you can choose contrasting color with shiny surface finish. And if you want to keep it soothing, matte finish would be a good to go option.

#2. Splash Some Rich Gold, Reds, and Greys on Your Living Room Wall


Try this cool design idea, if you want your living room wall to have a blend of classic and sophisticated tones. This peel and stick wall tiles represent the classic look of slate stone. With the convenience of peel and stick tiles, you can give your living room wall this look even in a very limited budget.

#3. Add a Stony Feature to your Kitchen


Give your kitchen a quick makeover with these self-adhesive real stone ledger tiles. This stone-look peel and stick wall tile are available in a range of colors and ready to add a dash of elegance to your modern kitchen design.

#4. Create an Accent in your Bathroom


Modern designs have greatly elevated the look of bathrooms. Create an accent wall and hang mirrors to intensify the sophistication of your bathroom. You could also use wood-look ceramic-porcelain tiles to enhance the look and feel.

#5. Shine Up your Kitchen with Metal Look Adhesive Tiles


Peel and stick tiles can be designed to imitate the look of any material. You can use metal- or stainless steel-look tiles for your kitchen wall and add brightness and a sense of reflect.

This tile renders an awesome shine and characteristic on any backsplash, counter or wall. Cut it as per your requirement and there you are with a quick new look for your kitchen.

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