Need a unique wall tile for your interior design project that you can call “Truly Unique”? Well, has just added Pasadena 2x2 Printed Glass Mosaic Tile that fits perfectly into that terminology.

Pasadena 2x2 Printed Glass Mosaic Tile

The beautiful, the “truly unique” Pasadena 2x2 Printed Glass Mosaic Tile features gorgeous patchwork patterns in blues and browns. The tile comes with delicate monochromic floral motifs representing a bolder design.

Use this tile to give your indoor walls a signature statement with a high-end designer appeal!

What It Is Made From –

The glass mosaic tile sports diverse designs and on-trend color scheme to deliver a familiar yet contemporary look. The designs on the glass mosaics are deliberated printed using the advanced printing technology. It is because of that the prints on the tile never go even after years.

Where To Use –

You can use our Pasadena 2 X 2 Printed Glass Mosaic Tile any interior wall project – be it residential or commercial. From living room and bedroom to kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, this tile makes an ideal choice for a range of indoor projects.

Kitchen Wall –

Using the Pasadena Glass Mosaic Tile, you can build do the walls in your kitchen, or just use it for the backsplash as used in the picture below.

Combine it with white, cream or any other light color counter and cabinet duo to turn the tiled feature into the center of your kitchen design.

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