So, you have finished crema cappuccino marble tile placement. Congratulations. You have just completed the most challenging part of installation.  However, that’s not it. There is more to it. You will need to put a little more efforts in order to make your installation live up to your expectations.

This article aims to highlight some of the tips for adding final finishing tough to your crema cappuccino marble stone installation. Check out the following subsections –

Apply a Marble-friendly Sealant –

Crema cappuccino is a delicate and porous surface. Even if you are using a stone with polished or glossed finish, you will need to do something about the grout used between the stone tiles – because that is more porous than any other stone surface is.

And remember, you have apply sealant before grouting. This will help protect the tile from stains and scratching caused by dust and dirt.

Let the installation rest for the duration as specified in the product brochure.

Fill in the Blanks –

Your installation is incomplete if you haven’t filled the spaces between tiles. You will need to choose the grout that has been pronounced safe and that complements the color and texture of your crema cappuccino stone tile.

Mix and apply grout carefully avoid the contact with the tile surface and sealant on it. For this job also, you will need to sport all the safety wear and gear, because some people are allergic to grout dust and you could be one of those people.

Allow the grout to dry completely. But you are not finished yet. There is another important exercise for you to complete.

Seal the Grout as Well -

You will need to use a grout sealer this time. This is the only way to protect the grout from losing its color and catching stains.

Clean, wash and rinse the surface well beforehand.

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