Porcelain and ceramic tiles, these two items are often used interchangeably and many times they are being mentioned as same material. But these two things are actually different. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are called as ceramic tiles together by many people.

Basic differences at a glance-

Ceramic Tiles


Porcelain Tiles

It is a material of semi-crystalline, amorphous and inorganic in nature. Components Porcelain is made up of the fusion of clays.
Ceramic do not undergo a vitrification process so, maximum times it remains porous if it’s not glazed. Vitrification process It is completely vitrified and it is impermeable even before glazing.
It has a higher water absorption rate. Water absorption rate It has a lower water absorption rate.
It is less durable. Durability Porcelain is more durable.
It is cheaper in price in comparison with porcelain. Price It is a little expensive than ceramic tiles.
It is less dense than porcelain so it’s quite easier to cut ceramic tiles. Cutting

Porcelain is denser and heavy than ceramic so it’s more difficult to cut.

Advantages Of Porcelain

1)      Porcelain is highly stain resistant which means porcelain tiles are capable of repelling liquid penetration. If the tiles made up of porcelain are polished or glazed, then it is quite impossible to discolor the surface of the tiles.

2)      The porcelain tiles have a much lower water absorption rate which is nearly less than one tenth of 1%. This attribute makes porcelain perfect for interior decoration.

3)      Porcelain do not catch fire under normal circumstances and also it resists the movement of flames in case of a fire outbreak.

4)      If properly fitted and used, porcelain tiles have the capability to last for a couple of decades.

5)      Along with these things, porcelain tiles also have a lower repair and maintenance cost because it is highly resistant to cracking.

 Disadvantages Of Porcelain

1)      Although porcelain tiles last for a couple of decades but also at the beginning it has a much higher cost of installation. This thing makes porcelain tiles expensive than the ceramic ones but if it is considered as a one-time investment then porcelain tiles will back you definitely.

2)      Among all the types of hard tile flooring, porcelain tile is one of them. It is denser and heavy than the ceramic tiles. This makes the installation process of porcelain tiles, a tiresome job.

On the other hand, ceramic tiles are not at all hopeless, even sometimes ceramic tiles are way ahead of porcelain tiles. This is because of some specific reasons which are-

Advantages Of Ceramics

1)      The good thing about glazed ceramic tiles is the fact that this thing has a protective layer over the tiles. This makes the ceramic tilesimpregnable against stains, as well as water also.

2)       Besides that, ceramic tiles can also resist much higher levels of humidity. That is why ceramic tiles are a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

3)      Ceramic tiles allow you to print the material in several ways. For instance, solid tiles could be mixed and matched in patterns that is chosen by you.

 Disadvantages of Ceramics

1)      The hardness of ceramic tiles makes the job of cleaning and maintenance tiresome.

2)      The heavy weight of ceramic tiles is the reason for which it is not ideal for upper story installations in a building.

Anyway do not choose a tile because it only looks good and fits your style, choose a tile because it is capable of withstanding the test of time.


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