In most of the house, the owner prefers to use handcrafted tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. These handmade tiles are would be the best choice to implement for places like a bathroom or kitchen.

These tiles are durable and cheap when compared to glasses or steel. Here are some of the tips that would help you realize the answer to the question above.

Use a Sealing Material

This sealer would help you in protecting your tile from different kinds of messes. Use the sponge to apply the sealer in a circular motion. Before buying the sealing material, make sure that it would not have additional sheening properties. As it would affect the glaze color of the handcrafted tile.

Cleaning Process of the Tile

Generally, the cleaning process of the tile is a very easy process, you would just have to vacuum or use water to sweep the floor every week. For stains from hard water or soap marks, you could make a solution of water and vinegar. Apply the solution using any kind of soft towel or sponge.

Grout has an important function for keeping your tile look clean. You would be able to find grout specific cleaner from the nearest hardware stores.

With these steps, you would be able to clean your handcrafted tiles in an efficient manner. Thus, if you are thinking about cleaning your tiles, then keeps these methods in your mind. 

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