Porcelain tiles are popular for many reasons. Such as –

  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Fire-, scratch-, moisture- and stain-resistance
  • Hundreds of choices to choose from
  • Easy and low maintenance

Since porcelain tiles are available in a countless options, and if you are considering porcelain tile installation, you would be thinking about which grout would be good to go with. This blog aims to highlight some of the options you have –

Cement-based Grout –

Cement based grout is a good choice for porcelain tile installation. This is the cheapest grout available in the market.

The drawback of cement based grout is it is porous in nature, which contradicts the very nature of porcelain tiles. So, you would not want to use them for bathroom and other watery areas.

Latex-Cement-based Grout –

This is latex-mixed cement-based grout that does not have any pores that become muddy and greasy over time.

This grout mixture is a great choice for bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor applications.

Epoxy Grout –

Epoxy grout is a widely used grouting material for residential and commercial application. There is no need to seal this grout, it does not have pores, and it does not catch debris and look dirty over time.

You can use epoxy grout even in bathroom and kitchen, as it is stain resistant, matching the characteristic of porcelain tile.

This blog has been written for MosaicsAndTile.com, one of the leading suppliers of porcelain tiles in the US.