Backsplash is often the focal point of your kitchen design. It not only protects your kitchen wall from greasy moisture, but also eases the cleaning and maintenance hecks.

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, make sure you give your kitchen a solid and beautiful kitchen backsplash. Here are some of the materials you can choose to create kitchen backsplash –

Tile –

Ceramic/porcelain tile make an ideal choice for your kitchen backsplash. Unlike natural stones, tiles do not have a porous surface. That simply means, there will be food and oil stains on your kitchen backsplash. That also means, it will be a very easy to clean feature in your kitchen.

Mosaic Tile –

You can manually create mosaic designs on your kitchen backsplash. However, it will be a demanding and tiring process, because you will have to work out on something that enhances your kitchen design.

As a solution, you can use mosaic tiles for kitchen backsplash. From stone mosaic and porcelain mosaic to glass and metal mosaic – you have so many options to choose from, if you are looking to something in the mosaic section.

Painted Plastered Backsplash –

The cheapest option for your kitchen backsplash! You can create this backsplash in no time, so the easiest too!!

Painted plastered backsplash requires you to create a smooth plastered surface, and let it dry before applying a paint or polish over it. You can also choose colored cement for this job. Applying a paint or polish will allow you to fill the pores on the surface; zero the chances of stains caused by spills and splashes; and ease the cleaning procedure.

There you have it. These are the most material choices for kitchen backsplash.

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