Metal mosaic tiles offer substance and an uprisen design lift to your indoor ambiance. These tiles are attractive and add to the substance of your structure. If you are considering creating a wall or wall feature out of metal mosaic tiles, this is one of the best materials to choose.

Since metal tile is a completely different material from natural stones, wood and ceramic or porcelain tiles, its maintenance is also an out of the ordinary job.

In this blog, we list some of the best practices to maintain metal mosaic wall tiles –

Seal Your Metal and Metal Mosaic Tiles Timely.

Typically, sealing is required once every year. Applying a sealant nullifies the chances of corrosion. Metal tiles – if not maintained – oxidize and decay over time.

If you seal them as per schedule, you can prevent the oxidation process and prolong the life and beauty of your metal mosaic tiles.

Wipe Your Tiles Regularly.

Dust and spills are like an everyday capture for walls and wall tiles. You need to wipe your wall down every day to keep away the dust and dirt – the two enemies for the beauty of your metal mosaic tiles.

Soak a soft cotton cloth piece in a suitable cleanser solution to wipe the tiles. Use the cleanser that is recommended for the metal used in your metal tiles – nothing else.

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