Beach pebbles are sedimentary rocks and stones that are brought on beaches by powerful waves. Also known as river rock, garden stone, and cobbles, beach pebbles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, given by the nature.

In building construction and interior decoration, they are typically used for creating landscapes and decorating indoors (such as vase and plants). Beach pebbles are also emerging as a choice for bathroom flooring. Yes, you read that right. Many people – looking to add a dash of nature and uniqueness to their bathroom design – consider beach pebbles these days.

However, people in large number believe that beach pebbles are not a thing for bathroom flooring, reasoning that it will look dirty and their feet will be mucky and grubby. If you also think so, check out the following bathroom pictures with pebble flooring –

Pebble Flooring in Bathroom

Pebble Flooring in Bathroom

Pebble Flooring in Bathroom

Appeasing bathroom design with pebble stone is definitely a great idea. However, if you have concerns related to cleaning and maintenance, we will admit, it is an easy exercise, that you can do it yourself (DIY) as well. In the following we suggest some of the best practices to clean pebble flooring in bathroom –

  • Do not let the water stay on the floor for long time.
  • Make sure the drain and slope on bathroom flooring are always in the perfect order.
  • For deeper cleaning, spray vinegar-water solution on the floor (1 part vinegar and 16 part water). (This exercise can be performed twice or thrice every week)
  • Let rest for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Rub with a soft bristle brush. (Do not use hard, wired brush or scrubber)
  • Rinse and let dry.

Isn’t it simple? Beach pebbles look great on bathroom flooring and they are easy to maintain.

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