One word, yes. They can be used kitchen. To be specific, linen-look tiles can be used for kitchen counter, backsplash, wall, and flooring. You can even use them to add an interesting feature to your boring wall. With right design implementations and adequate installation, you can create a striking modular kitchen or even season your old, boring kitchen space with trendy modular look – using linen-look tiles.

What Are Linen-look Tiles?

Linen look tiles are not linen. They are not fabric. They look like a piece of fabric or linen. Technically, they are ceramic or porcelain material. And that’s one of the top reasons why linen-look tiles are safe and suitable for kitchen.

What Makes Linen-Look Tiles Suitable for Kitchen?

The material which is ceramic or porcelain – is what makes them a great choice for kitchen. Kitchen is a greasy environment that has continuous exposure to oil, food color, and soap, and many other things.

Ceramic or porcelain are pronounced safe for such an environment. They do not catch stain or get scratches, and make a great choice for kitchen.

The texture – is the best part of these tiles. They are designed to look like fabric and support artistic, modular features. The exquisiteness and elegance drawn in by linen-look tiles turns your kitchen into a fantabulous kitchen with the modern appeal that a modular kitchen has.

So, if you are looking to create modular kitchen set up, this could be a choice of material to go with.

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