Antico Leonyx is a variety of travertine stone, added to our natural stone selection. is offering free shipping on this antique style honed travertine tile. The price of the stone tile is $12.50 per sq. ft.

Travertine Stone –

A large number of homeowners and interior designers proactively consider travertine stone tiles for bathroom and outdoors only. Not many consider it for living room – mainly because of its natural rustic look and random pores, cracks, and holes.

But our Antico Leonyx 12 X 24 Honed Travertine Tiles make a great choice for your living room too. Sourced from Turkey, this travertine stone is also known as Tra-Onyx. Featuring elegant brown and golden hues, the stone can be used in a wide range of indoor projects in residential and commercial environments.

Non Slippery –

This travertine stone tile comes with honed finish that makes it the right choice for creating floors in wet areas like bathroom and kitchen. You can use in your laundry room as well; but you will need to be careful with the splashes of detergent on the floor. Spills should be wipes and dries using a cloth piece.

When you use the stone in these areas, you get floors that are safe to be walked upon. There will be no slippery, even when the floor is wet.

Decades-Long Performance –

Travertine is among the strongest and most durable stones. When installed correctly, they last more than a lifetime. Install them now, they will remain as it is for decades. That’s the real beauty of Antico Leonyx Honed Travertine Tile.

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