Need some shine in your kitchen or bathroom? Or do you want your space to have a fresh and clean feel? Whichever is your reason, crystallized glass and glass mosaic tiles make a great choice for walls, accents, and backsplash.

You can use crystallized glass mosaic tiles for your tabletop or work counter as well. Though, the counters made from these tiles will need some extra care.

Lynx Magic Pattern Blend

This uniquely beautiful mosaic tile combines two of the most desired materials – porcelain and crystallized glass. The tile makes a timeless addition to your wall and backsplash with its gorgeous gray tones. Its shimmer and shine add a contemporary flair to the interior design.

Ice Floe 12x12 Interlocking Blend

Featuring frosty silver, cool grays, and icy white, this crystallized glass mosaic tile renders a unique yet calm charm to your kitchen and bathroom design. The placement of mosaics creates a bewitching geometric pattern – which you are never bored of!

Silver Canvas Interlocking Pattern 8mm

This silvery white, canvas like mosaic tile pours a splash of contemporaneous styling to your kitchen design. Featuring seemingly ergodic arrangement of mosaics on a 12 inches X 12 inches mesh makes installation a breeze. The tile has been made from hard, durable, and frost –resistant material which ascertains decades long performance.

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