A product of modern technology, crystallized glass helps create surfaces with unmatchable shine and reflection effects. The technological advancements facilitate the production of a rock-hard variety of crystallized glass tiles that can be used as wall and floor surfaces throughout residential and commercial projects.

If we peep deep into the manufacturing process of crystallized glass, we find that chemicals are a key ingredient of the product. And that’s what makes crystallized glass tiles a type of time that is outstanding at chemical resistance. That also means, that it is these tiles are rain (or water) resistant.

Not just that, the properties of crystallized glass tiles include resistance against weather conditions such as sunlight, pollution and storms.

Crystallized Glass Tile – Care and Maintenance

Now you know the reason why the demand of these modern tiles is gradually surging. Despite all that positive sides, the material should not be scratched or abused on purpose. Since this material is a kind of glass, it demands a different approach of care and maintenance.

This blog highlights some of the best practices to clean, care and maintain your walls and floors with crystallized glass tiles. Check out the following pointers –

#1. Remove Dust Twice Every Day. Dust is the number one enemy of glass walls and floors.

#2. Make sure no one walks on your crystallized glass flooring when there is dust and dirt on it. Doing so can adversely affect the shine and reflect of your tiles. To be specific, it scratches and damages the upper surface drawing an unsightly look. Moreover, the scratches if not addressed properly can become a rigidly dirty spots on your tiled wall and flooring. So avoid walking on glass flooring – without removing dust off it.

#3. Use Non-Abrasive Cleaners Only. Using a rough and abrasive material for cleaning can also create scratches on the surface.

#4. Wash or wet mop the floor every day. This enhances the shine and reflection of your tiles. In addition to that, it prolongs the life and durability of the tile.

#5. Use warm water with added glass cleansers to ease your job and improve the effects of cleaning.

#6. Add a little amount of salt and disinfectant in the cleaning or mopping solution to heighten the level of hygiene. This should be done on alternate days. However, it depends largely on foot traffic it receives on an everyday basis.

#7. To clean and shine up a small area on the wall and floor pattern, spray the glass cleansing solution and rub with a soft towel.

Apart from these, avoid using hammer or pulling heavy furniture on your crystallized glass flooring. Keep an eye on loose tiles and grout. By getting these issues fixed, you can save your floors and walls from potential damage.

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