The bathroom is the place where you can forget your stressful day. Bathtub and shower would give the best way to a relaxing bath. The family members use this room for brushing their teeth and take bath. Here renovation may be necessary fully or partially. The house owner can decide about this according to his budget. Here are some of the trendy bathroom projects:

Shower Plants

Shower plants are real plants kept in counters in the bathroom. This looks stylish and trendy. The green plants give a lively look to the bathroom and of course, add little more oxygen. Here greenery is used more than flowers. Shower plants do not really mean that the plants need to be in the shower. They can be anywhere in the bathroom. The moisture of the shower would benefit them even if you forget to water them.

One wall side can be used as a living wall. Here the plants can be grown to one side of the bathroom. Taller plants are planted to reach the ceiling. They can purify the air in the room.

Monochrome colors

The white and black colors would be the best classic design to be selected. It can match with any type of décor. These days’ people prefer these colors rather than any other bold color.

Bathrooms with black and white can give an antique or a trendy look. It surely suits the present style. A round mirror and gold twangs match with these colors and totally makes everything look aesthetic. Though this gives a neutral palette, it can be changed to a lavish look by adding crystal chandelier, mirrors and marble countertops. 

Brass and Gold

Stainless steel was preferred in 80`s but now brass and gold are making a comeback. The fixtures are definitely with a new design and shape. The matte finish is preferred by the present generation rather than the glossy ones.  These colors give a luxurious look to any bathroom. They match with the organic wood countertops. The black and white tiles flooring would definitely match with these fixtures.

Fish Scale Design

Fish scale or the mermaid tiles are trending now. These tiles look nice where water is there that is the bathroom. It gives a creative look to an accent wall or shower surround. Aqua color would be perfect for these tiles. Of course, there are many other colors available in the market with this design.

Vanity Mirrors

Other than the tiles the quicker way to update the bathroom is by adding vanity mirrors. Designers and homemakers are passionate about the round mirror. It matches with trendy or rustic vanity. This shape would be perfect with the square vanity and sink.