When homeowners buy stones and tiles, waterproofing and water resistance is the most talked about factor. They want a tile that is waterproof or water resistant. For most of our buyers, both waterproof tiles and water-resistant tiles are same. Even for those who do not want to buy tiles, both the terms are alike.

However, when dig deeper into the terminologies, you find technically significant dissimilarities between waterproof tile and water resistant tile flooring. In this blog, we attempt to establish some differences between the two.

Waterproof Tiles

Waterproof tiles are can be clay made such as ceramic or porcelain tile. Glass tiles can also be put into the list.

You can even buy waterproof hardwood flooring panels, a highly expensive variety of authentic wood and hardwood. Vinyl tiles also provide your flooring with a high level of waterproofing.

The color, texture and prints on waterproof tiles do not fade away – even if they are exposed to or submerged in water for a prolonged duration.

The tiles won’t leave their grip on the subfloor, no matter if it has been under floodwater for a few days. Natural disasters like flooding and rainfall won’t damage the tile.

Water Resistant Tiles –

Water resistant tiles resist water and other types of fluids from entering or passing through their surface. The tile won’t absorb water, however, for a certain duration (it has been designed for).

You cannot wash these floors, before this lets the water stay on the floor, which increases the chances of tile damage. Even a too much of moisture for an extended period could damage the tile.

There you have it. These are some of the differences between waterproof and water resistant tiles.

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