For hundreds of years, the marble floor has been mostly preferred by homeowners. Undoubtedly, the sophisticated good look it offers has enabled marbles to remain popular even today. With its marvellous grain patterns as well as clean colours, marble floors have emerged to be the most beautiful natural building materials.

Types of Marble

If you don't already know, the greatest marbles are originated in Italy. However, hundreds of different types of marble are produced across the world, with each having a distinct personality. Let us figure out some of the most common types available in the market.


Calacatta marble is often confused with the other one, named 'carrara'. Although they are somewhat similar, the classic calacatta marble features pure white color with a much bolder streak. In fact, Calacatta is a rare form of marble and widely admired for its elegant appearance. If you wish to add some personality to your living space, Calacatta is the best option.


The use of Carrara marbles can be dated back to as old as Roman and Greek times when they were used for building temples and statues. Carrara is a white marble with light gray streaks. Other than using then for your marble floor tiles, carrara can also be used to add some style to your fireplace surroundings.

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