White oak is a marble variety with naturally occurring linear patterns resembling authentic hardwood oak. Apparently, oak plank is one of the most demanded materials in the world due to its resilience and modular looks.

You get the same look and stronger and more durable material for your home with white oak marble. Here are some of the awesome characteristics and advantages of white oak stone tiles –

More Durable Than Wood –

White oak looks like hardwood, which is known for its durability and hardness. However, white oak stone tiles, when cared and maintained well, can outperform wood.

Beautiful White Gray Tone –

White oak marble features shades of cool and warm whites and grays in natural linear pattern. You cannot get a natural stone in same look and feel.

If you are looking to add classy white and deep gray in your home interior, this is the material you should consider.

Easy To Install –

This wood look stone is very easy to work with, due to their availability in a wide range of sizes and shapes, promising a perfect fit for your space.

Backsplash Design Ideas with White Oak Marble –

White oak marble comes in a various surface finishes offering suitability for a diversity of projects. Here are some of the ways you can use the stone in your interior design –

As Kitchen Backsplash –

The tiles used on the backsplash above are White Oak 12x12 Mini Brick Polished Mosaic Tile.

This beautiful kitchen design features our White Oak 2x4 Polished Brick Mosaic Tile, which has a polished finish for superior shine and effortless cleaning and maintenance.

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