With bathrooms becoming the center of attraction in modern home, people have started investing on bathroom design. If you are considering a bathroom makeover project, and looking for something unique, this blog highlights some of the upbeat octagon pattern tiles you can include in your bathroom design –

Domino White Matte Octagon Mosaic

Featuring octagonal pieces of luxury porcelain, this Domino White Matte Octagon Mosaic tile creates a beautiful series of whites and blacks on your bathroom wall. Buy this tile for chic look and contemporary flair!

Greecian White 2" Octagon Honed Mosaic

A treatment for bathroom floor! This honed marble mesh-backing mosaic tile effortlessly evokes an aesthetic of class and romance. The smooth, polished surface and soft white tones of our Greecian White Octagon Mosaic tile potentially uplift your bathroom in a timeless manner.

Bayview Elongated Glass Metal Blend Octagon Mosaic

A breathtaking blend of glass, metal and stone! With their soft white and gray tones, these tiles are suitable for creating backsplash, accents, walls, and tub surround. Our Bayview Elongated Glass Metal Blend Octagon tiles are super easy to install due to their meshed backing.

Octagon pattern tiles are square mosaic tiles assembled with multiple, tiny octagonal shapes of one or more materials. When compared with octagon shaped tiles, these tiles pronounce a great deal of convenience at the time of installation.

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