Whatever you buy, you expect it to last longer. However, due to non-maintenance and abuse, most of the items get damage.

Linen-look tiles are quite durable – thanks to their manufacturing technique and surface finish. But, if you don’t maintain them and do not use them the way they should be, you will soon notice they are losing their quality, shine and other characteristics.

 This blog underlines some of the maintenance best practices for linen-look tiles –

Never use acidic chemicals for cleaning. It might seem obvious that there is a protective coating on the tiles and acid will not cause any damage. But, acid can cause discoloration on texture tiles.

Don’t use hard metal brush to remove stains. Doing so may cause scratches on the tile surface. It will also dig out the grout and sealant. Apart from that, it will permanently damage the tile.

Don’t burn them on purpose. Linen-look tiles are ceramic or porcelain material. Just like any other ceramic or porcelain tile, they are fire resistant. But that never means, you should burn them on purpose to test out their fire resistance.

Perform routine cleaning. When you don’t clean, you allow dust and debris to stay over the tile surface for an extended period. This encourages the development of mold and mildew development that not only is harmful for the people living around but also for the health and longevity of your linen-look tiles.

There you have it. Following these practices, you can enhance the span and performance of your linen-look tiles.

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