Arabesque pattern is quite an old thing from design point of view. Arabesque has been a design thing since centuries. However, it perfectly blends into modern interior design. You can include arabesque pattern in your home interior using our luxury arabesque pattern mosaic tiles.

Made from a variety of materials such glass, marble, and porcelain – arabesque pattern tiles render modern style statement into your room, apart from offering a strong and durable application. In this article, we explain some of the ways you can use arabesque pattern tiles to enhance your indoor ambiance. Check out the following –

Sink Splashback –

Combine our Retro Bianco Matte Arabesque Pattern mosaic tile and your sink with natural stone top to create an outstanding outlook in your bathroom. This porcelain mosaic tile makes an idea choice for vanity walls, flooring, and kitchen counters. You can develop other ideas with this tile.

Tub Surround –

You can use our Space Grey Lantern Glass Interlocking Mosaic Tile for tub surrounding areas. This polished glass mosaic tile adds a timeless appeal in your bathroom with its glossy finish and eye-catching sheen.

Kitchen Backsplash –


Add a splash of Victorian design into your modern kitchen with our Victorian Light Arabesque Mosaic Tile. The rich brown outline on the tile makes its white’s impact outstanding. You can use this porcelain-glass mosaic tile for walls, accents, and flooring in residential and commercial indoor settings.

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