Wear layer is the top and most important layer of vinyl tiles. In fact, the performance of your vinyl flooring depends largely on this wear layer. To give you a basic idea of what wear layer is, it is a protective coating on luxury vinyl tiles that shields your flooring from daily wear and tear.

What It Is Made Of?

Vinyl - whether sheet, tile or plank – is made from different layers. Wear layer is atop of vinyl tiles. Below this layer, there is a layer of print that gives the tile the look, which could be wood look or stone look.

The wear layer is made from recycled or fresh polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is a transparent coating that protects the print beneath it, and gives it a shine.

Providing stain resistant is also the purpose of this wear layer. Sometimes, this layer may be textured to give the tile a more realistic look.

What Is The Finish?

There is another coating – to be specific, a transparent urethane-based coating – that protects the wear layer. However, this coating does not necessarily come with all luxury vinyl tile brands.

What Is The Thickness Of Wear Layer?

The performance of luxury vinyl and standard vinyl tiles depends mainly on the thickness of wear layer. The thicker the better!

A large number of people consider the thickness of vinyl tiles at the time of buying, but the thickness of wear layer has nothing to do with that. The thickness of wear layer in vinyl tiles ranges between 4mils and 40 mils, where is 1mil = 0.0254mm and 40mil = 1mm.

We recommend that you should cross check about the thickness of wear layer in the tile you are buying. It should be suitable for the area you are using the tiles for.

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