When it comes to glass tiles, we picture shiny brightness everywhere. Glass and glass mosaic/blend tiles are all about that. That’s what most people think. However, if you would ask an interior designer, you will get to know endless possibilities of application and countless benefits of glass tiles.

This blog enunciates some of the biggest advantages of glass tiles explaining the reason why these tiles are everyone’s favorite –

Unique Look: Glass and glass mosaic tiles offer a unique look that no natural stone or porcelain or ceramic tiles can render.

Unmatched Shine: Although there are tiles and polished tiles that have the potential to create a classy impression in your rooms, glass tiles are available in a diversity of colors combined with a brilliant eye-catching shine. The shine that glass tiles display is of superior level in comparison to that of other materials.

Stain Resistance: While porous natural tiles are always prone to catch hard-to-remove stains, there are no such likelihoods with glass tiles.

No Allergens and Bacteria: The glass surface is very smooth, with no pores at all. Meaning, there is no place for allergens, bacteria and germs to reside. These tiles can be a good choice for kitchen.

Easy To Clean: That also means, it is very easy to clean glass tiles.

Last but not the least, glass tiles are very hard to break once they are installed properly. When looking to buy glass tiles, you need to specify the exact application to the vendor in order to ensure that you are getting the tile of right strength.