Hexagon tiles have a style statement of their own. However, its installation demands extra care and attention – which makes DIYers and even professional installers uncomfortable.

To give you a sigh of relief, MosaicAndTile.com has introduced Greecian White Hexagon Mosaic Tiles. Technically, it is a square tile which comes in interlocking pattern. In each tile, small hexagons are assembled on a meshed backing in a way to form the square shape and interlocking pattern.

Greecian White Hexagon Mosaic Tile

The tile material is marble, to be specific, the Italian Carrara Marble, which is known for its classic white background and dark grey-blue-black veining. Due to its design and structure, installing these tiles is an easy walk for DIYers. You can install it the way you would install any other rectangle or square tile.

Surface Finish –

There is a rigid polish or coating on the top of the tile. This polish protects the tile from stains and chipping. The polishing also eliminates the presence of dust and dirt into the pores on the marble surface, in addition to easing the cleaning and maintainence.

Where To Use –

Backsplash –

Hexagon mosaic tiles enhance the luxury appeal of your room when installed vertically. So, the best place you can use our Greecial White Hexagon Mosaic Tile is – backsplash in your kitchen and bathroom.

Flooring –

This polished Carrara Marble tile can also be used for flooring in your bathroom or kitchen (as shown in the picture below). You can also use it for the flooring other areas in your home.

If using in the bathroom, combine it with white cabinet, backsplash, lights, furniture, and paint to achieve an all white classic look.

Apart from that, you could use this tile for fireplace decoration, like above.

Buy this Greecian White Hexagon Mosaic Tile here. Browse through our entire hexagon pattern mosaic tile collection.