Are you exhaustively searching online something which is a quite durable but still very contemporary type of tiles for your wall or flooring? If durability is your top priority, then you should go with the aluminum tiles - one of the strongest materials available on earth.

These are metal-based tiles that are nowadays used for walling, roofing and even on floors. When used as tiles on your walls or floor, these metal-based tiles tend to jazz up the aesthetic look of your personal or official space. You can use them in the interior, as well as, exterior area.

Aluminum tiles are quite long-lasting and considered to be easy on the pocket of the buyers. You can find them in different shapes, sizes, color, and patterns. It goes without saying that the metal-based tiles are definitely robust, have a longer life (say more than 20years or so), fire-proof, and low maintenance.

Isn’t that amazing fact?

You may find the investment of money and time during the installation of these tiles but later you don’t need to even look at them or even regret your decision for a longer duration of time.  The good thing about metal-based tiles are that they are not height when it comes to weight so easy to install.

If you are after floors and walls that last long and creates an eye-catching ambiance for living or any other space in your house, offers you an entire line to choose from. We have aliminum mosaic tiles available in all standard sizes, shapes, and also in designer patterns, offering great many design possibilities. Call (929) 292-1144 for more info!