Among the many clever technological and creative tile designs in contemporary times are metal tiles that combine natural glass and stone to give rise to exotic wonders! For those wishing to install metal backsplash tiles, what adhesives and grout would be needed? DIY is good but be sure that the choice is the best since it concerns the home.  There is not much to worry about since metal tiles are installed in similar ways to other tiles types.

Keep the manufacturer’s guidelines in mind. Let us investigate a few more practical hints towards the successful setting up of the gorgeous tiles.

  • You need a cutting tool meant for the purpose of a diamond or carbide blade. Hacksaws and bandsaws use them. You need to be familiar with its safe usage procedures.
  • A latex-additive thin-set mortar is used for the installation. It is applied uniformly on the wall with a trowel. A silicone or urethane-based adhesive may also be used and applied to the back of the tile.
  • Metal tiles require no grout. Yet, if it is a blend of materials in the tile, you need a latex-additive cement-based grout.

Regarding selecting the specific mosaics, be creative to choose the best ones.

Keshi Blend Mosaic

Tile mosaics like Keshi Blend Mosaic being small, they suit small spaces like the backsplash, an inset shelf or accent stripe.

Champagne Toast Interlocking Mosaic

The room’s focal point could very well be something as attractive as the metal, stone, and glass tile mosaic known as Champagne Toast Interlocking Mosaic. The neutral shades of gray, beige, and mocha would match decorative pieces and fittings.

Silver Metal Brick Mosaic

The metal has a matte finish that reflects lights and catches shadows. The metal coordinates well with dark cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and vivid countertops.

Stella Interlocking Mosaic

The striking combination tile known as Stella Interlocking Mosaic has beige stone along with gray glass and metal. Easy to install without much metal, it suits traditional decorations and could dress an entire accent wall. The silver mirror and natural light from the window echo the graceful style.

Manhattan Blend Mosaic

One should not worry about bold displays of colors and designs. Manhattan Blend Mosaic mixes glass and metal in shades of gray, brown and cream in tiny squares. They combine prettily with similar shades of large format tiles made with some other materials. Use MBM as accent stripes or backsplash tiles.

Visit the web gallery to see so many of the modern mosaic wonders.