Printed tiles are a type of ceramic tiles that have cool, designer patterns printed on their facade. The entire set of these tiles - when installed on your floor or walls - render an eye-catching feature in your indoor ambiance.

Since printed, there is a majority of people who think that the prints on these tiles would wash away, if they clean tiled surface “too” frequently. And that’s what discourages them to buy printed tiles. For some printed tiles – specifically the ones with a layer of prints applied after installation, this notion might be true. But for the printed tiles, we have in our bouquet, there are no such likelihoods.

The prints on our printed ceramic or porcelain tiles have been applied during the manufacturing process and they are fired at a high temperature and have a durable surface finish to be strong enough to sustain routine cleaning and maintenance for years. This blog explains some of the best practices to clean your printed ceramic or porcelain tiles –

  • Remove dust and dirt to avoid the chances of possible damages. You would be surprised to know, dust particles can damage the surface finish of your tiles, eventually flawing the quality and rigor the prints. So, run vacuum cleaner over your printed tiles every day to make sure that dust does not damage upper layer and prints of your tiles.
  • Use warm water to wash and rinse the tile surface.
  • Use wet mop or a piece of cloth dipped on warm water to clean your walls and tiles.
  • Rub the floor with dry cloth to dry it completely after cleaning. Doing so will decrease the possibility of stains, caused by water. It will also remove left over dust and dirt on your tiles.

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