There are two ways you can do that. One, maybe you could hire a highly experienced mason and painter who has been working on such designs for quite a long time. And second, you can choose to buy and install tiles with geometric patterns.

While first approach will demand more time and money, the second one will give your floors and walls a quick and lasting design boost. When you create geometric patterns with plaster or mortar, you have to paint every year to maintain its look. But when you choose geometric pattern tiles, you don’t actually have to paint or maintain your flooring or walling to that level.

Geometric pattern tiles require minimal maintenance and are super easy to install. That is their biggest advantage. Here are some of the cool geometric pattern tiles from to add long-lasting aesthetics to your indoor and outdoor spaces –

Laurel Picket Pattern 8mm –

Laurel Picket Pattern Tile is a crystallized glass mosaic tile that features soft green color and brilliant tonal inflections. This hexagon pattern green crystal glass mosaic tile makes an eco-friendly option for indoor walls. 

Vista Azul Hexagon Mosaic –

Our Vista Azul Hexagon Mosaic Tile renders blues, creams, and whites in your space with its iconic hexagonal mosaics assembled on a mesh. Representing a handcrafted look, this glass mosaic tile comes with subtle floral motifs, giving it a one of its kind charm.

Peoria Pattern 12x12 Polished Marble Mosaic –

This marble stone mosaic tile feature high sheen appeal on a geo-block pattern. Our Peoria Pattern 12x12 Polished Marble Mosaic tile gives a retro, signature styling to your interior design.

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