White oak is an unusual variety of marble. It has got the look and texture of real hardwood oak. That’s where it gets its name white oak.

It is white or cream in texture, and is used for creating calm and classy indoor environment. It is also available in soft and slight dark grey tones and makes a gorgeous selection for living room, bedroom, and bathroom. You can use white oak marble stone tiles for flooring, walls, accents and splashbacks.

If you are considering this stone for your next project, and are concerned about its care and maintenance, this blog offers some of the cool tips and tricks that will ease your days and efforts. Check out the following –

Avoid –

  • Avoid dragging or pulling heavy furniture on the floor surface.
  • Avoid spills as much as you can.
  • Avoid stroke with hammer.

Do –

  • Do remove dust, dirt and debris off your white oak marble floor every day.
  • Do wet mop or wipe the stone surface routinely.
  • Do wipe the spills immediately.
  • Do use doormats at entrance.
  • Do keep your floor dry.

Don’t –

  • Don’t put soda and colored alcohol bottles and glasses directly on the floor. Use a coaster instead.
  • Don’t put the soap on the floor.
  • Don’t let the soapy water or any water stay on the floor for long.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals to remove stains.

If you notice that the shine and gaze of your white oak marble has gone, you can consider calling on a professional marble maintenance service. They will apply polish and sealant and restore the look, which will also prolong the durability of your white oak marble stone.

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