The tender years of childhood and the growing up years require a lot of care to give them the best chances in life. A lot of attention has to be given to the spaces where kids spent most of their hours. The study, play and sleep, games, and entertainment, let it be a creativity-filled, colorful space to keep them happy. Let the decoration echo with individual personalities too and tally with their likes. Why not involve the little ones in drawing up the plans?

Launch the imagination with some ideas to reinvigorate the kid’s room settings. Don’t forget the functional aspect as you dream of decorations!

The traditional kisses the modern

Looking for character along with style, a fusion of the old and the new works remarkably well. Perhaps the modern furniture could combine with wood look tiles on the floor.  Antique furniture could contrast with the most colorful tile blends. Wooden stools and Barnwood dressers remind of the old. Just like cuisine and dress styles, a fusion works well.

A room dressed up in eternal whites

On a white canvas, little color patches and designs stand out gloriously. Curtains and rugs could be the colorful aspects. A tinted feature wall? Make it as resounding with color tile blends as you wish. Experiment with bright glass tiles in the kid’s room. The white background would allow for several changes of shades from time to time with the bedspreads and curtains.


Storage spaces can be fun

The storage problem is universal, even in large dwellings. Particularly in the children’s room, creating cleverly hidden and functional storage spaces would contribute to a tidy scene. Flip-top ottomans are useful for storing clothes and the numerous toys. Other useful solutions are built-in cubbies along the wall. Make sure of the laundry basket that takes care of the clothes meant for washing and prevents them being scattered around. Create an unusual method to avoid untidy clutter. Make the wall a storage spot with wire baskets or toy net at a corner. Such methods would help if storage space is really short elsewhere.


The antique style to stir memories

Arrange a few pretty, old objects from your own childhood collection to create a sentimental effect. A piece of dated furniture or frames and fabrics would have a similar impact. Crocheted bedspreads or patchwork blankets remind of the past too. Otherwise, the room does reflect the contemporary scene.