Porcelain does not add any value to your home? Additionally, it is made from clay. So, it is cheaper than real wood planks.

So when we compare the two materials, one appears precious and one affordable. But does that make real wood flooring better than wood look porcelain flooring? Not exactly!

On many occasions, wood look porcelain flooring is better than real wood flooring. Such as –

Dealing with Moisture and Water Splashes and Flooding –

If you are planning to install wood planks for your bathroom flooring, no matter how expensive the wood is – it will not be able to maintain its look and strength for long. That’s because no variety of wood is waterproof or is able to avoid damages caused by water and moisture.

But, wood-look porcelain tile can! These manmade tiles come with a protective coating on their surface, due to which your wood look porcelain floor can resist water, moisture, and related aftermaths.

You can use porcelain tiles in your bathroom, laundry, and even outdoors without worrying about water damage.

Fire Resistance –

What do we burn in winters to keep our home warm? The answer is – wood!

So, if you have wood plank flooring in your kitchen or near fireplace, you will need to be extra careful all the time.

However, if you use wood look porcelain tiles for your kitchen flooring, there will be no risk of fire breakout. These tiles do not catch fire, technically.

Plus, they are heat resistant too. Wood look porcelain tiles help maintain a safe environment in your home.

So, there are a few factors where porcelain tile appears to be winning the game!

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