While cleanliness in the kitchen is important for sure, a variety of other duties get in the way. Reports to submit and shopping tasks besides the kids and the transport and so where is the time for the microfiber cleaning?  Those stains and spills seem to reside forever. The solution? Install granite countertops in the kitchen and bathroom and never feel the grime again. Live life as you wish it!

The granite colors and patterns would hide all the details of the food eaten at dinner and at breakfast. White kitchens are a possibility too with lighter granite that creates such a grand illusion. It looks smart and clean even if crusts and crumbs stick to it after food. Not only will the granite slab hide the bits of food, but cleaning up is very easy too. Damp cloth and soapy water would do fine and the counter is sparkling again in a moment. If sealed annually, the granite remains as good as new. Look at some of those light and magical granite varieties.

Colonial White Granite 

A pretty Indian granite that would make kitchens and bathrooms shine. It is a mixture of gentle gray and dreamy silver along with dark black spots. So clean and so white, the family’s amazement never ends.

Caledonia Granite 

The shades extend from gentle gray to dark charcoal, white kitchens coming to glorious life and luster. The dots are so small and so many close together that stains and spills are hardly seen until cleaned up in a trice. Keep the microfiber cloth handy.


 Silver Creek Granite

Light and dark veins and swirling waves run through this mysterious granite that hails from Brazil. Gray, cream and black come together in fantasy stories, as if telling about time. Whether you need kitchen or bathroom counters and backsplashes, here is the perfect choice. Powders and pastes would remain unseen for the moment.

Nevasca Mist Granite

A tranquil sea of gray, beige and greige greets you with dark brown veining in this Brazil masterpiece. Install it on those dramatic kitchen islands and watch the environment transform. No mess will ever be seen. Cleaning up is not so urgent with this strong granite that does not chip or stain.

Alpine White Granite

Ebony accents and icy white background, gunmetal gray and graphite, this stunning granite deserves a pride of place. Match this stone with cherry or gray cabinets. Light cabinets create peace and dark cabinets bring a pop of light.

Avoid cleaning granite with vinegar since the acetic acid will destroy the sealant. Achieve form and function on kitchen countertops without a doubt with granite. Check out the granite countertop colors online for many more astounding choices.