Backsplash tiles appease the look of your kitchen and wash areas. But, did you know, that’s not the main purpose of backsplash tiles? These tiles are used to protect the wall behind the sink or wash basin from the splashes of water. Splashes of water damage the walls if there is no backsplash behind a sink or wash basin. Backsplash is also alongside countertops.

Metal Mosaic Backsplash Installation

This blog is going to explain the correct way to install metal mosaic backsplash tiles stepwise. We will give you some of the tips that will help you in DIY installation of metal mosaic backsplash

Getting the Essentials

There Is No Need To Use Grout.

However, if your metal mosaic tile – like this one: Odyssey 12x12 Stainless Steel & Stone Mosaic – is a combination of other materials such as natural stone, ceramic or porcelain, then you will need grout to fix your metal mosaic backsplash.

So, what kind of grout would be best for metal mosaic tiles? Use a non-sand, latex-additive, cement-based grout for metal tiles and backsplashes.

And The Mortar Is..

On a vertical surface like backsplash application, the best mortar is a latex-based thinset mortar. However, you can also use silicone-based adhesive or urethane-based adhesive behind metal tiles.

Cutting The Tiles.

The metal and metal mosaic tiles and backsplashes we supply come pre-assembled, making DIY installation a lot easier for you. However, you might need to cut metal tile to fit perfect in the space available; to create space for switch/socket; or to make a hole in the tile.

We recommend using the right equipment and tools to cut metal tiles and backsplashes. A hacksaw that has carbide blade or diamond blade installed is the best and approved tool for cutting metal and metal mosaic tiles.

You can buy or rent the pieces of equipment required for this purpose. But before you go with the cutting, make you know how to safely use these tools.

Other Equipment And Tools Essential For Installation

For metal mosaic backsplash installation, you will need –

  • V-notch trowel for applying mortar
  • Rubber grout float
  • 2 to 3 buckets
  • Mortar
  • Grout
  • Tile cutter
  • Non-abrasive brush

The Installation

  1. Remove dust, dirt and any sign of grease from the area where backsplash has to be installed.
  2. Prepare the mortar.
  3. Measure the area where you have to install backsplash.
  4. Check and correct the level.
  5. Cover the surrounding areas and surfaces with adhesive tape.
  6. Evenly apply the mortar on the back of the backsplash tile.
  7. Now, apply the metal mosaic backsplash tile slowly on the wall.
  8. Line up the backsplash tiles taking care of the thickness of mortar and the measurement of the area.
  9. Rest for 24 hours.

Finishing Up

  1. Once mortar is set and use non-abrasive brush to remove excess mortar.
  2. Fills spaces between tiles with grout.
  3. Wait for 15 minutes before removing the excess grout from tiles with help of a wet sponge. After 24 hours, check again for excess mortar and grout and remove them accordingly.

There you have it. That’s how you install metal mosaic backsplash in your kitchen. Got questions? Leave your comments below.

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