Mosaic tiles are the best designer treatment you can give your home. However, when something goes wrong with the installation, it not only makes your space look unattractive, but also compromises on the quality and durability of the installation.

In this blog, we will talk about some of the common mosaic tile installation mistakes and how to avoid them. Check out the following –

Using a Varity of Designs, Colors, or Patterns –

That happens when you try to create the mosaic pattern yourself.

Some people, when they are on a DIY project, include different colors, patterns, materials, and textures – just to show their creativity. However, that makes your mosaic wall or floor differently attractive. It becomes a mishmash of textures having no appeal at all.

So, instead of creating the mosaic yourself, you can consider using pre-assembled mosaic tiles that offer ease of installation, and help you create a soothing, attractive, and continuous mosaic pattern.

Not Working on the Substrate –

The floor surface should be perfectly flat. That goes true for the surface or floor beneath the actual floor – which we call subfloor or substrate.

When your subfloor is uneven and has craters and bulges and you don’t level them before tile placement, you create a substandard floor, which get damaged before time.

Grout Color Not Matching –

With mosaic tiles, you need to use the right grout color. Otherwise, wrong grout color will steal the show from your expensive, designer mosaic tiles. You can discuss this with a professional tile placer or your tile supplier.

There you have it. These are some of the common mosaic tile installation mistakes, and now you know how to fix them.

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