Slate tiles have seen a rise in demand in recent. If you too have slate floor tiles installed at your property, this blog aims to underline some of the best practices that will help keep and treat your slate floors in good condition.

But before we head forth to learn those tips, here’s a quick reminder that slate tiles are natural stone tiles. They are available in multiple colors, as they are made from compressed mineral deposits in rocks and mountains.

Best Practices for the Maintenance of Slate Tiles

Avoid dropping fluids:

Natural stones have porous surface. Meaning, they have innumerable small pores on the surface. If your tiles are in light in color, they can easily absorb colorful liquids and get a permanent mark. These liquids are: fruit juices, ink, red wine, muddy shoes, etc. Soda and soap foams should also be avoided. Spills and drops should be wiped away immediately so to avoid blemishes.

Apply Wax Coating:

To err is human! No matter how careful you are, there are times when accidents happen and your flooring gets an unattractive spot. One great way to do so is to apply a wax coating on the tile surface. Wax coating is a utilitarian tile care product that fills the holes (pores) on the surface of slate tile. Applying this coating inhibits slate tile’s property to absorb liquids and dirt.

When looking to buy slate tile, ask your tile supplier whether their product comes with wax coating?

In addition to that, do not use acidic cleaning products to wash or rub on slate tile surface. Doing so will increases the durability of the stone.

So, those were some of the useful tips for the maintenance of slate stone. If you are looking for slate tiles, visit