Imagine octagonal patterns on your wall giving it a multidimensional pull! That’s what octagonal tiles are for!

But installing octagonal tiles is no less than a battle! You have to take care of dimensions and straight lines. Apart from that, you will need to ensure equal (grout lines) space during installation. This all is a time taking affair.

On the other hand, octagon pattern tiles are a real breeze. You don’t have show that level of carefulness or attention to details. As mentioned, these are octagon pattern tiles that have octagon mosaics assembled in rectangular shape. Though these are rectangular and square tiles, you can still  use them to create octagonal patterns in your home.

Domino White Matte Octagon Mosaic –

This black and white mosaic tile features classic white porcelain with black chips in between. Our Domino White Matte Octagon Mosaic Tile lends a chic look along with a contemporary flair in your space.

Greecian White 2" Octagon Honed Mosaic –

Bring Greece into your bathroom! Our Greecian White Octagon Pattern Honed Mosaic Tile is crafted from real marble pieces promising to evoke an up-level aesthetics in your home.

Bayview Elongated Glass Metal Blend Octagon –

This octagon mosaic tile features beautifully crafted elongated glass-stone-metal mosaics. The pieces of material are assembled on a mesh to offer easy and durable installation. You can use Bayview Elongated Glass Metal Blend Octagon Mosaic Tile for your bathroom wall, kitchen wall, entryway wall, and any other wall inside your home.

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