Porcelain and ceramic tiles are truly versatile. You can use them throughout your home without worrying about their performance and cleaning and maintenance. They are strong, durable, smooth, non-porous, and available in a sea of colors and patterns to choose from.

In this blog, we give you 3 highly popular porcelain-ceramic mosaic tiles from MosaicsAndTile.com, one of the leading tile suppliers in US –

Retro Bianco Glossy Herringbone Mosaic –

This is a herringbone pattern mosaic tile that makes installation a super easy job. You can use the white glossy tile typically for walls and backsplashes.

Offering a soft neutral look, the tile can be used in any design or color scheme. Get this tile here - https://bit.ly/3a6T93h

Venice Mixed 2x2 Matte Porcelain Mosaic –

This travertine-look porcelain mosaic tile renders a warm, rustic appeal into your home.

Featuring creams, beiges, and greiges, our Venice Mixed 2x2 Matte Porcelain Mosaic tile can be used for bathroom wall as shown above. Get this porcelain mosaic tile here - https://bit.ly/3abYM09

Dimensions Concrete 2 X 2 Matte Tile –

Concrete-look porcelain tile that is hard and durable like concrete! This porcelain mosaic tile features 2 X 2 size mosaics fixed on a mesh, and allows for easier installation.

Made using Color Body technology, this matte finish tile promises to add a high-end class to your indoor space! Get it here - https://bit.ly/2MSIss7

Looking for more? Visit our ceramic-porcelain mosaic tile collection now!