Luxury Vinyl Tiles are truly magical. They come with real-like imitations that are hard to distinguish.

Our Trecanto Mountain Gray 12 X 24 stone look vinyl tiles are just like that. They look exactly like natural stone floors. But, they are not!

Elegant Stone-Look  –

When it comes finding an alternative for stone look tiles, most people go with ceramic or porcelain tiles that look like stones but are cheaper than them.

However, our Trecanto Mountain Gray 12 X 24 Vinyl Tiles are much more affordable than stone look ceramic and porcelain tiles.

To be specific, this vinyl tile imitates the look of marble, silver travertine, or slate in low sheen finish.

Strength –

Vinyl tiles are softer than stone. They can easily catch scratches and receive damages.

For example the legs of heavy furniture can cause an impact on your vinyl flooring. But you can use furniture leg protection to avoid such possibilities.

Durability –

Vinyl tiles are also known for their durability. They do not absorb water and help prevent moisture. With that said, they are certainly a better performer than many other materials out there.

You will need to prepare the right subfloor and use the right underlayment on it to create a durable stone-look floor.

One thing that you should remember here is that, no stone look tile is as durable as natural stone. So, you should not expect your stone look vinyl floor to perform like natural stone.

Our Trecanto Mountain Gray stone look vinyl tiles are easy to install. You can install them by yourself as well. Cleaning is also a simple process, which does not demand use of expensive cleaning solutions.

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