Teardrop Tuxe is the latest addition to MosaicsAndTile.com’s widespread tile collection. Teardrop Tuxe is a porcelain mosaic tile, design of which feels like retro inspired and modern-day fresh both at the same time.

This eye-catching mosaic tile features fine teardrop shapes in stark-white color and gorgeous glossy finish. If you are looking to turn your wall into a piece of art, this is the tile you should go with.

Here are some awesome reasons to use Teardrop Tuxe 6mm Mosaic Tile –

Suitability –

The use of teardrop shapes in this tile makes it a perfect selection for a wide range of spaces that you want to give a quick yet breathtaking design. These shiny mosaic tiles can be used for indoor walls, kitchen backsplash, bathroom backsplash, vanity wall, shower wall, and tub surround. You can include them in remodeling projects as well.

Water Resistance –

Teardrop Tuxe mosaic tiles are porcelain material. And because of that, they have a not porous surface. That means, you can use them in wet, watery, and moisture-prone areas of your home.

No More Molds and Mildews –

Being water resistant, these tiles do not promote the growth and presence of mold, mildew, and other organisms on your wall surface.

Meshed Backing –

You do not have to install each teardrop one by one. Teardrops are assembled on a meshed backing that creates a standard size tile of 11.1” X 12.24”. This is an easy to install tile.

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