It is a common situation for homeowners to call floor maintenance service to reseal their natural stone flooring. To maintain the shine and substance of your natural stone flooring, it is important that you get it resealed every year or so.

Importance of Sealing Multiclassic Slate Stone

Slate, however, is a strong and durable material that does not require much of maintenance. But just like any other natural stone, it requires you to apply a good quality, suitable sealant.

 Applying sealant protects the slate stone from staining and many stain-causing elements. But, it costs hundreds of dollars every year! An amount that not every homeowner is happy to pay!!

Why not do it yourself?

In this blog, we explain the best practices to reseal multiclassic slate stone tiles. Check out the following pointers –

1. Remove furniture and other heavy objects from the area, where the stones have to be resealed. Remove carpet as well.
2. Use masking tape to protect the walls and corners of accents and interest.
3. Clean the dust and debris. Use a broom or dry mop. You could also use a vacuum cleaner to perform this job. But, it is advisable to dry mop the area before you move to the next step.
4. Rent the stone floor buffer machine in advance. Along with this, you will need to buy buffer pads, paint roller and stripping solution.
5. Spread the solvent on the floor with a paint brush and allow it to set properly before you start the machine.
6. Rub the machine over the floor gently and you shall see a new-like shine and texture beneath the solvent on the floor. Follow back and forth motion.
7. Perform this exercise on the entire floor pattern.
8. Rinse the floor well.
9. Dry the floor completely before moving forward to the next exercise.
10. Apply the sealer. Check with your supplier and buy a product that is suitable for multiclassic slate stone. Follow product label to apply the sealant on your flooring.

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