Golden white is one of the popular varieties of slate. As the name suggests, it has golden white color scheme and all the natural characteristics of slate stone. Known for providing an earthly tone, the stone makes a great choice for indoors and outdoors both.

Although natural and naturally durable, golden white slate tends to lose its shine with use and abuse over time. However, the good news is, you can restore the lost shine of your golden white slate stone flooring. Check out the following to know how –

Apply Polish or Wax –

Once or twice every year, you may consider polishing your slate stone tiles. However, whether or not polish is required depends on the certain factors such as application, footfall, and the amount of dust and debris it gets every day.

You can do it all by yourself, by learning the right technique and using the right wax. If you have a large area to cover, you can consider calling in a professional service.

Apply Sealant –

The main job of sealant is to seal the tiny pores on the golden white slate stone. The pores, the natural characteristic of the stone, become a home to dust and debris that adversely affect the shine and feel of your floor and wall tile.

By applying sealant, you can enhance the look and performance of your golden white slate tiles.

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