Granite counters have been a thing for centuries. Granite, in fact, is the most preferred choice for creating kitchen counter. You will find hundreds of millions of residential and commercial kitchens that have granite counter. The reason – highest level of durability!

However, just like any other natural stone, granite too requires routine maintenance. And when we talk about natural stone maintenance, we must mention sealing the stone every year.

In this blog, we give you some of the tips to seal your granite kitchen counter without requiring help from professional kitchen maintenance services.  Check out the following pointers –

* Perform a deep clean on your granite kitchen counter.

* Wash it with warm water. To remove greasy dirt, pour in a few drops of liquid detergent into the water.

* Rinse the counter well.

* Let it dry completely before applying sealant.

* Once the counter is dry, run a clean, dry towel to wipe remaining water droplets.

* Take some granite sealant on your sealant applicator pad.

* Apply a thin coating of sealer over the counter.

* Let the sealant dry as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

And that’s how you seal your granite kitchen counter. If you notice streaks of sealant on the counter, you could apply another layer of sealant and rub it dry on the counter. offers a dedicated range of high-quality granite stone tiles that you can use for flooring, wall, backsplash, and kitchen counter. Visit now!