A lot of fuss happened before our designers introduced the STIK Wall-Tile™ collection last year. These superb novelties of peel and stick mosaic tiles have proved tremendously popular too. If you have home improvement plans, we will feed your excitement and passion at DIY projects! Why should walls and backsplashes look ordinary when you can quickly transform them into fashionable high-end styles? Budget-friendly natural stone mosaics of marble and slate, travertine and quartzite would bring a dreamland. 

Install them easily with the heavy duty adhesive backing. Which uptown look would your family prefer? Wood look-alikes, 3D tiles or Calacatta Cressa? Watch the video and accomplish the mission within a few hours.

The cool collection of natural stone passes every test of time. Start re-imagining what the kitchen and bathroom could look like. A bedroom accent walls perhaps or along the hallway. 

The easy installation covers ten trending styles

According to Emily Holle, Director of Trend & Design, this peel and stick option is different with natural stone. A polished designer look is possible within a few hours at a tiny cost. The designs suit whatever aesthetic plans are made.


All you need to do is give it some time. The preferred choice may be the dramatic Calacatta Cressa Interlocking 3D. A love theme perhaps with Midnight Ash Veneer or Emperador Splitface. The nature grace comes with the Winter Oak Veneer. Nobody would know or believe that you were the one.


Backsplashes worthy of Pinterest


We want smart surroundings that come like a breeze with STIK Wall-Tile™. Shall we call them mosaic tile wonders? The change can come as soon as you wish it, perhaps before dinner and the special guests arrive.


Featured: Emperador Splitface Peel and Stick, Emperador Blend Splitface Peel and Stick, and Roman Beige Splitface Peel and Stick.

Dreamlike Accent Walls

Featured: White Quarry Interlocking 3D Peel and Stick

Introduce exciting bedroom walls by bringing a new vitality and grace. Now that accent walls have become compulsory, let us get on with it. The wall could very well become a rock star. Wistful accent walls figure among the Top 5 Design Trends for 2017. 

Get Ready to Play the DIY Game

Watch the video to know the DIY details step by step, the relaxed method to bring an inexpensive refurbishment to the environment. Besides, there is no messing around with grout and mortar. All you need is a wet saw to create walls and backsplashes at your sweet convenience. A pro won’t be needed.