Backsplash is not just for protecting your walls from splashes of water, soap, and oils. It also works as a design feature in your kitchen or bathroom.

If you are planning a bathroom or kitchen makeover, this blog gives you 5 gorgeous, best-selling backsplash tiles that you can invest it –

Azul Scallop Fish Scale Pattern Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

This beautiful tile features amazing blue-green shades in a pattern of mermaid’s scales. When you install these tiles on your backsplash, you will surely love create a charming yet calming hues and shine.

Vista Azul Hexagon Pattern Mosaic Tile

Another tile from Azul series! This hex pattern tile adds a vibrant splash of blues, grays, creams, and whites on your kitchen backsplash. You can use this tile for walls in other indoor areas too.

Harlow Metallic Blend Interlocking

This super attractive glass-stone-metal mosaic tile offers an artistic amalgamation of colors and shine on your kitchen and bathroom wall. It, in fact, helps you are build a connection between class and contemporary designs.

Carbonita Glass Subway

Carbonita glass subway tile establishes a premium appeal in your kitchen with its breathtaking blending of black, blues, and greens. And its gloss finish will make your space look brighter and feel more spacious.

Black and White Tumbled Mosaic

This is truly unique! People don’t usually install pebbles for backsplash due to cleaning related concerns, but this tile will help you create beautiful backsplash with pebbles.

Featuring black and white pebbles of marble, this stone mosaic tile gives your kitchen a feature that will become the best design feature of your home.

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